Complete Source Code released
r3d|15 August 2013
We have just released the complete demosystem and plugins source code. You can access it the prods section.
New 4k image
r3d|20 October 2012
Check on the prods section out new work, done for TRSAC 2012 this time
Cueder leaves rgba
r3d|20 October 2012
Cueder leaves rgba. We hope all the best for him in his future endeavours!
youtube videos
iq|06 August 2009
r3d has added Youtube video links to the productions, so now you can enjoy them online. The Museum section also has been updated, so make sure you re-watch all those demos/intros we made for DOS so long ago. Enjoy!!
big update with videos
iq|31 May 2009
We have captured many of the rgba productions as well as most of the productions in the museum (by genesis, rgb, glue, etc etc). The video links have been updated.